Friday, 17 August 2012

A Fruitless Day (I think I'll go back to bed)...

It may not be Friday 13 (hasty check of diary...yep, I'm right) but it is beginning to feel like it.

Last night I had a bad migraine..not one from Hell (with those I end up in hospital) but definitely one of the ugh, who hit me and why sort.  I dosed up and went to bed early (ie even earlier than normal!!)

Unfortunately it decided to hang around for a while (anyone out there thinking I'm not a barrel of laughs well obviously you're wrong.  If I don't scintillate how come migraines don't scarper as soon as they arrive??)  Not helped, of course, by someone 'phoning at 8 o'clock.  Normally it isn't a problem but it would happen when I'm feeling not too flushed, the dogs are getting in the way and Millie has taken up temporary residence on the third step from the top; that cat can be cussed.  Naturally the nameless person hung up just as I got there and (equally naturally) the caller with-held their number.  I was a Happy Bunny.

With my feeling less than my normal chipper self and the rain giving a very good impression of getting ready for the next Flood I decided to cop out of going to see my mother in hospital.  Honestly? She won't remember whether I was there or not but considering how I was feeling I thought it would be better if I stayed holed up in the house all day, if not in bed.

That being the case, I decided (in my foolishness) to try to do something on my Amazon Author Central page.  It sounded so your blog & Twitter accounts to the author page.  Just the sort of thing to do when one's brain is suffering even more freeze than normal (I blame it on the Sarc).  Could I do it?  Could I hell!

What is a RSS?  And where do I find one?  Could I spot the 'universal RSS logo'?   Nup.  Looked high, low and sideways.  Got Mark and Flavia in the act too.  We tried every possible combination of letters, numbers and weird signs; Mark even looked at the coding (or something) but still nada.  Nothing.  No such luck.  I have wasted some four hours of my life on this and all that's happened is that my persecution complex has increased.  No, really.  Someone, somewhere doesn't like me.  I know.  

I try to be nice to computers.  I speak soft words of encouragement (intermingled with a few choice epithets but hopefully they don't notice), I try to be patient, I appreciate I have no interest in the internal workings of the d*** things.  In return I expect consideration. In other words, I don't need a hissy fit from an inanimate heap of wires, metal things, plastic bits and junk.  

If anyone has any ideas (apart from going back to slate and chalk) or can, in plain, simple English (ideally words of one syllable or less) explain how I find the RSS and how I link it up with Amazon I will be very grateful.  In the meantime I'm going to hit the painkillers again.  And pretend I haven't been bested by a heap of circuits and a keyboard.

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