Thursday, 9 August 2012

The gulls, the gulls!

If anyone ever has the temerity to tell me that gulls are not nocturnal animals I - well, I won't give them a kick where it hurts but I'll want to.  There's a huge - nest? settlement? colony? army? - of the darling little critters on the other side of the river and, damn, but they make a racket.  Scream and squawk and generally act as though the world is coming to an end.  Always in the early hours. By ten o'clock this morning they were as quiet as you could wish.  Obviously tired themselves out.  If we had to have a large mass of wildstock living opposite us couldn't it have been bats?  You know, something cute, cuddly and QUIET.

Mind you, they're intelligent birds.  My husband, Mark (aka Hubs), didn't believe me when I told him those responsible for ripping open rubbish bags were the seagulls.  He had his mind set on dogs, but nup.  I'm clever.  I know these things.  You just need to look at their beaks and you know they can gut a green bag in nanoseconds.  Not only that, but they know when it's rubbish day.  I kid you not.  They wait.  They line up on the roof of the cars on the other side of the road.  Waiting.  Watching.

We have a cat (Millie.  Black.  One eye. Thinks she's tough but is a great big softy really).  She has the dogs right where she wants them but the seagulls bully her.  I've caught them standing on the gateposts watching her.  Poor old Mills, it really messes with her image.  I haven't told the dogs, though.  It wouldn't be fair to tell her secret.  Anyway she'd punish me.

But, yes, the gulls were making their racket last night. Mark actually had his head rammed under his pillow but I could still hear his despairing muttering of, 'Oh gulls.'    I have to admit my feelings towards them have undergone a change.  I used to like the sound - you know how the cry of gulls makes you think of the seaside and watching the waves come in?  Positive feelings.  Now, having been deposited on (not to mention Flavia, my daughter, being pissed on...I kid you not) and having them screaming all night, well now I wouldn't really mind if I never heard one again.

I wonder what seagull tastes like........?????

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